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Nelson Mandela - UK 12"
Nelson Mandela - UK 7"
Easy Life - UK 7"
Easy Life - UK 7"
This Are Two Tone - UK LP

Welcome to 2-Tone.info, a site for the collector, attempting to provide a 'somewhat' definitive archive of the label's back catalogue and related releases worldwide.

The site has been built around the complete 2 Tone UK discography, with a page for each UK item & it's foreign releases. This covers the majority of items and all non-UK items can usually be found via the Artists page or by using the Search page forms, where you can find any item in the database.

UK Discography

Alternatively we can now provide a complete listing of all items on the site on the full listing page...

The Articles section will be updated on an ongoing basis with articles of interest & interviews with those directly involved with the label.

Under The Covers

We take an in-depth look at the tunes behind the tunes, the stories behind the tracks that were dusted down and polished up to be covered on the 2 Tone label.

We are still in the process of scanning & cataloguing items and there are still some items catalogued without accompanying text, these items will be covered in due course. We always welcome any input from other collectors, and info & scans of items we don't have would be most welcome...

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