NiteKlubbing Monkey Men

The Specials

DR 001 1980
Vinyl LP - Bootleg

NiteKlubbing Monkey Men
NiteKlubbing Monkey Men
NiteKlubbing Monkey Men
NiteKlubbing Monkey Men

Side 1
Dawning of a New Era
Do the Dog
It's Up to You
Monkey Man
Rat Race
Blank Expression
Rude Boys in Jail
Conrete Jungle
Stupid Marriage
Too Much Too Young

Side 2
Little Bitch
A Message to You Rudy
Nite Klub
Long Shot Kick the Bucket
Skinhead Moonstomp
Your Wondering Now.

Live 18 track LP recorded at the MarketHall, Hamburg, Germany on 16 January 1980.

The sound quality is good although very little effort or time was spent on the sleeve, which consists of a photocopied sheet of A4 paper simply glued on to a plain card LP sleeve. The labels contain a large letter A on one side and B on the other with no other additional information. The LP was released by Democracy Record (DR 001 1980) and they even had the cheek to say that they owned the copyright!!

Note: Track incorrectly listed as Rude Boys in Jail