NME / Rough Trade C81


NME/Rough Tapes
Copy 001
Cassette Album
Released: 1981

NME / Rough Trade C81
NME / Rough Trade C81
NME / Rough Trade C81
NME / Rough Trade C81

Side 1
Scritti Politti - The Sweetest Girl
The Beat - Twist And Crawl Dub
Pere Ubu - Misery Goats
Wah! Heat - 7,000 Names Of Wah
Orange Juice - Blue Boy
Cabaret Voltaire - Raising The Count
D.A.F. - Kebab Traume (Live)
Furious Pig - Bare Pork
The Specials - Raquel
Buzzcocks - I Look Alone
Essential Logic - Fanfare In The Garden
Robert Wyatt - Born Again Cretin

Side 2
The Raincoats - Shouting Out Loud
Josef K - Endless Soul
Blue Orchids - Low Profile
Virgin Prunes - Red Nettle
Aztec Camera - We Could Send Letters
Red Krayola - Milkmaid
Linx - Don't Get In My Way
The Massed Carnaby St. John Cooper Clarkes - The Day My Pad Went Ma
James Blood Ulmer - Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher
Ian Dury - Close To Home
Gist - Greener Grass
Subway Sect - Parallel Lines
John Cooper Clarke - 81 Minutes

NME / Rough Trade cassette with a lot of interesting tracks and artists. The Specials contributed Raquel which was for many years the only place to hear this track (unless you got your sweaty paws on a Dutch copy of Concrete Jungle where it appeared on the flip side). The track was also recorded for a Peel session but again wasn't available to own for many years thereafter.

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