2 Tone
7" vinyl
Released: 1979-10-13

<a href='/display/?rank30'>On My Radio</a>
<a href='/display/?rank30'>On My Radio</a>
<a href='/display/?rank30'>On My Radio</a>
<a href='/display/?rank30'>On My Radio</a>

Side 1
On My Radio

Side 2
Too Much Pressure

With Gangsters/The Selecter gaining airplay and climbing up the charts, the next logical step for Neol Davies was to get a band to capitalise and expand on the single's success. The majority of what became The Selecter began life as Coventry bands: Hard Top 22 and The Transposed Men. Lynval Golding of The Specials had spotted the vocal talents of folk singer and radiographer, Pauline Vickers, who, after a name change to Black, was added on vocals to complete the line-up.

At the time, 2 Tone's parent company allocated a studio budget of £1000 for each band to record the necessary material for a 7" single release. The band spent the money wisely. Locating to Horizon Studios in their native Coventry, they recorded three songs, On My Radio, Too Much Pressure and Street Feeling, the first two of which were chosen for what would be the third single released on 2 Tone. It got a welcome boost in sales by the success of the first Two Tone Tour, which played it's first date on October 19th 1979 at Brightons Top Rank.

On My Radio was an attack on the banality of day time radio while Neol Davies has recounted that Too Much Pressure was written after a particularly bad day at work where the daily grind was all 'too much pressure'. Interestingly Pauline Black stated in her autobiography 'Black by Design' that she felt Too Much Pressure should have been released as a single in its own right to highlight Gaps Hendrickson role as a vocalist in the band.

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