In A Silent Way

Palm Skin Productions

Mo Wax
MW 013
12" vinyl

In A Silent Way
In A Silent Way
In A Silent Way
In A Silent Way

Side 1
In A Silent Way

Side 2
The Sunlight On The Garden
In A Silent Way (Mediation)

The Sunlight On The Garden main vocal is by Rhoda Dakar. The track is downtempo jazzy interpretation of Louis MacNeice's Poem. This release was followed by the seminal 'Influx' by DJ Shadow which really broke it for Mo' Wax, arguably the 2 Tone of the nineties, and in fact Dammers & Dick Cuthell released a 12" on the label under the name 'Visionistics'.

Liner notes

Midnight at PALMSKIN HQ and all is quiet. Freshly brewed grooves bubble gently in deep vats and sweet clouds of herbal harmony fill the air. The pinprick studio lights mix with flickering torches in a warm glow as the refrain curls out of the speakers in a hypnotic snake dance. Chatter and noise flow like a tide through the city, but up in the pastures the music is heard in a silent way. PALMSKIN draws deep and surfaces with some fresh budded vinyl guaranteed to blow the clouds away. (In a Silent Way is an improvisation on a theme by Zawinul. The Sunlight on the Garden was inspired by Louis Macneice's poem)

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