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Title Country Format Artist Cat.No. Label
Nelson Mandela UK 7" vinyl The Special AKA CHS TT26 2 Tone
Envy The Love UK 12" vinyl The Apollinaires / The Higsons CHS TTS 1
Lets Do Rock Steady Japan 7" vinyl THe Bodysnatchers WWS-17017 2 Tone
Easy Life UK 7" vinyl The Bodysnatchers Trident
Nelson Mandela UK 12" vinyl The Specials Chrysalis
More Specials Japan Vinyl LP The Specials WWS-81341 2 Tone
Dance Craze Japan Vinyl LP Various WWS-81413 2 Tone
This Are Two Tone Japan Vinyl LP Various WWS-81639 2 Tone
In The Studio Japan Vinyl LP The Special AKA WWS-81663 2 Tone
Ghost Town Japan 12" vinyl The Specials WWS-41007 2 Tone
Dance Craze Spain Vinyl LP Various CHS TT 5004 Chrysalis

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