Man From Wareika


ILPS 9485
Vinyl LP

Man From Wareika
Man From Wareika
Man From Wareika
Man From Wareika

Side 1
This Day

Side 2
Man From Wareika
Over The Mountain
Gunga Din
Dial Africa

Man From Wareika is Rico's seminal album from 1977 and the line-up of musicians reads like a who's who of Reggae players, including Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Bunny McKenzie, Junior Marvin, Lloyd Parkes, Ansel Collins, Tony Washington and Duggie Bryan. The original Island release has become quite collectable in it's own right, but the white label DUB pre-release is changining hands for three figure sums. Man From Wareika Dub (LP: Island PRE-LP 1 /UK)

The original recordings were made at Joe Gibbs and Randy's Studios, Kingston, Jamaica in September 1976.

Engineered by Karl Pitterson, Errol Thornton, Dick Cuthell, assisted by Flick. "Africa" was recorded at Island Hammersmith Studios by Karl Pitterson and Dick Cuthell, assisted by Kevin Dallimore.

Produced by Karl Pitterson

Executive Co-ordination: Leslie Teacher

Executive Producer: Chris Blackwell

Sleeve design by Eckford/Stimpson,

Illustration by Tony Wright.

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