The complete UK Discography of the label from 1979 through to 1985, plus the subsequent compilation releases containing 2 Tone catalogue numbers.

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TT1/TT2 The Special AKA Vs The Selecter Gangsters
CHS TT3 Madness The Prince
CHS TT4 The Selecter On My Radio
CHS TT5 The Specials (Featuring Rico) A Message To You Rudy
CHS TT6 The Beat Tears Of A Clown
CHS TT7 Elvis Costello I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
CHS TT7 The Special AKA Too Much Too Young
CHS TT8 The Selecter Three Minute Hero
CHS TT9 The Bodysnatchers Let's Do Rock Steady
CHS TT10 The Selecter Missing Words
CHS TT11 The Specials Rat Race
CHS TT12 The Bodysnatchers Easy Life
CHS TT13 The Specials Stereotype
CHS TT14 The Swinging Cats Mantovani
CHS TT15 Rico Sea Cruise
CHS TT16 The Specials Do Nothing
CHS TT17 The Specials Ghost Town
CHS TT18 Rhoda & The Special AKA The Boiler
CHS TT19 Rico & The Special AKA Jungle Music
CHS TT20 The Apollinaires The Feeling's Gone
CHS TT21 The Higsons Tear The Whole Thing Down
CHS TT22 The Apollinaires Envy The Love
CHS TT23 The Special AKA War Crimes
CHS TT24 The Higsons Run Me Down
CHS TT25 The Special AKA Racist Friend
CHS TT26 The Special AKA Nelson Mandela
CHS TT27 The Special AKA What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend
CHS TT28 The Friday Club Window Shopping
CHS TT29 JB's Allstars The Alphabet Army
CHS TT30 The Specials / Special Productions Ghost Town (revisited)
CHS TT31 Various The 2 Tone EP
CHS TT32 The Specials Sock It To 'Em J.B. (DUB)

CDL TT 5001 The Specials Specials
CDL TT 5002 The Selecter Too Much Pressure
CHR TT 5003 The Specials More Specials
CHR TT 5004 Various Dance Craze
CHR TT 5005 Rico That Man Is Forward
CHR TT 5006 Rico Jama Rico
CHR TT 5007 Various This Are Two Tone
CHR TT 5008 The Special AKA In The Studio
CHR TT 5009 Various The 2 Tone Story
CHR TT 5010 The Specials The Specials Singles
CHR TT 5011 The Specials Live At The Moonlight Club
CHR TT 5012 Various The Best Of 2 Tone
CHR TT 5013 Various The Compact 2 Tone Story