2 Tone
CDL TT 5002
Vinyl LP
Released: 1980-02-23

<a href='/display/?show147'>Too Much Pressure</a>
<a href='/display/?show147'>Too Much Pressure</a>
<a href='/display/?show147'>Too Much Pressure</a>
<a href='/display/?show147'>Too Much Pressure</a>

Side 1
Three Minute Hero
They Make Me Mad
Missing Words
Street Feeling
My Collie (Not a Dog)

Side 2
Too Much Pressure
Out on the Streets
Carry Go Bring Come
Black and Blue
James Bond

As with The Specials, The Selecter also recorded their album debut at the Horizon Studios in Coventry. It was somewhat of a rushed affair with recording sessions taking place from December '79 to Jan '80 and the album in the shops for following month. Erroll Ross was drafted in to produce the album and honorary Specials' Dick Cuthell and Rico added the necessary brass sections. A saxophonist, Joe Reynolds, was also brought in to beef up Three Minute Hero.

Like all 2 Tone bands The Selecter liked to pay tribute to those who inspired them and included their own choice of songs to cover. The Selecter however chose slightly less obvious tracks, such as Justin Hinds' Carry Go Bring Come and the James Bond theme. Millies' My Boy Lollipop also got the 2 Tone treatment but with different lyrics and renamed My Collie(Not a Dog) in a less than subtle homage to cannabis. The band later admitted that they were not entirely happy with the album and thought they were capable of producing a much better sounding record. They promoted the album with a 30 date national tour which helped push it up to number 5 in the charts which surely must have been some sort of conciliation.

The bands first 'proper' single, On My Radio wasn't included on the UK release. And just as the Specials album had been released with an extra track throughout the rest of the world, so non-UK issues of Too Much Pressure included On My Radio as an extra track.

Note: track 2 listed as Time Hard on some versions

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