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The Feeling's Gone UK 7" vinyl The Apollinaires CHS TT20 2 Tone
Tear The Whole Thing Down UK 7" vinyl The Higsons CHS TT21 2 Tone
Racist Friend UK 7" vinyl The Special AKA CHS TT25 2 Tone
The Alphabet Army UK 7" vinyl JB's Allstars CHS TT29 2 Tone
The Feeling's Gone Germany 7" vinyl The Apollinaires 104 579 2 Tone
Big Dawg E.P UK 7" vinyl The Write Offs PBR 002 Peter Bower
Gangsters New Zealand 7" vinyl The Special AKA K 7610 Chrysalis
Rude Girls UK 7" vinyl Wat Tyler DUMP 016A 2 Lone
Jama Rico UK Vinyl LP Rico CHR TT 5006 2 Tone
Ghost Town Japan Cassette Single The Specials RC 3867 RC
War Crimes Germany 7" vinyl The Special AKA 104 978 2 Tone
Sock It To Them J.B. France 7" vinyl The Specials CHS 2501 Chrysalis

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