2 Tone
CHR TT 5009
Vinyl LP
Released: 1989

<a href='/display/?show187'>The 2 Tone Story</a>
<a href='/display/?show187'>The 2 Tone Story</a>
<a href='/display/?show187'>The 2 Tone Story</a>
<a href='/display/?show187'>The 2 Tone Story</a>

Side 1
The Selecter - The Selecter
Gangsters - The Special AKA
The Prince - Madness
On My Radio - The Selecter
Rudi, A Message To You - The Specials & Rico
Ranking Full Stop - The Beat
Ruder Than You - The Bodysnatchers
That Man Is Forward - Rico

Live Side
Too Much Pressure - The Selecter
Lip Up Fatty - Bad Manners
Stereotype - The Specials
Mirror In The Bathroom - The Beat
Three Minute Hero - The Selecter
Too Much Too Young - The Specials
One Step Beyond - Madness

Side 2
Blank Expression - The Specials
Do Nothing - The Specials & Rico
International Jet Set - The Specials
Why? - The Specials
Ghost Town - The Specials & Rico
Easter Island - Rico

Side 4
The Boiler - Rhoda Dakar & The Special AKA
Racist Friend - The Special AKA
War Crimes - The Special AKA
Nelson Mandela - The Special AKA
Destroy Them - Rico

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On the tenth anniversary of the release of 'Gangsters' Chrysalis saw fit to mark the occasion by releasing this compilation of the label's achievements over the previous 10 years. There are however a few noticeable exceptions. Bands such as The Higsons and The Apollinaires are conspicuous by their absence even though the collection of tracks covers that period of the labels history in the form of 'Racist Friend' and 'War Crimes'

One side of the double vinyl version consists entirely of live material previously available on the 'Dance Craze' album and marks yet another outing for Bad Manners on the chequered label. The album fails to offer any unreleased material with the exception of a live version of 'Stereotype' but it does offer a comprehensive example of the labels output.

For the CD release of the album the track list is shortened to exclude the likes of 'The Boiler', 'Racist Friend' and the live version of 'Stereotype'. At the time it was said that this was done to accommodate the album on a single disc (and no doubt save the cost of producing a double CD).

This remains the only official gatefold sleeve album released by 2 Tone.

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